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Ian Sandercoe began writing songs for the Earthday album over ten years ago.

Tracks On the Earthday Album include:

1.  Freebound
2.  Reign
3.  Been There
4.  Wheels
5.  Faces
6.  People
7.  103
8.  Pay
9.  War
10. Rescue Me
11. Mountains
12. Remember
13. Yahweh!
14. City Limits
15. Stilling

Media has described his music style as Post-Modern Folk-Rock

This music writing is foresight to the current interest in the environment and state of humanity and the planet.

Earthday covers topics from social imbalance, disharmony and the search for truth and balance globally. With digital technology and the sharing of information people are now fully able to look outside the square and contribute towards their local community, state, national and international communities.

Ian Sandercoe live provides a breathtaking insightful musical journey into this world and its people as perceived by Ian.

Global messages expressed throughout the album, pure hair-raising tunes with foundation and substance. Ian Sandercoe delivers each show with an abundance of passion and soul frolicking ambiance.

The Earthday album will take you on a journey, with 15 songs ranging in style from intense rock ballads to thought provoking rock songs.

ALBUM EARTHDAY…is a unique collection of contemporary Australian rock songs written by Ian Sandercoe and includes co writes with amongst others Rob Pardė.


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